It seems like bully romance is in in a big way at the moment and to be honest it's not something I read a lot of recently. It used to be one I enjoyed but I have been going through a low angst, safe romance faze for a while. However with all of my GoodReads feeds being flooded with it I haven't been able to avoid it and the blurb for this one had me racing to Amazon and discovering it's a KU title.

So I'm not going to lie Dalton was a complete jerk and he made everyone else join in on Pipers torture. And when his amnesia hit I wasn't really sure what to expect especially after reading the prologue. Because that prologue had me holding my breath for most of the book.

Dalton gave pretty good grovel but Piper didn't just roll over. She held him accountable for everything he had put her through and she didn't just trust in his newfound change of heart. But as he proved himself and she forgave him she didn't hold it over his head either.

I loved her inner strength. She was mature beyond her years and although she didn't stand up for herself her strength and maturity came from all that she'd been through. And I really liked her. She knew her worth and she communicated what she was feeling and what she wanted.

I really really wanted to see Dalton get his memory back and more of how their relationship was received at the school. And I felt the ending was a little abrupt and left things too open but it has set up Frankie and Zeke's story. Fingers crossed we get more Dalton and Piper in their book because I want more.


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