So I have to say that Cory has been one of my most favourite secondary characters in this series of stand-alones. I think in part because when we met Milly he was this super  famous, successful athlete, yet he was still such a great brother. And every time we met him he was so straight and together I just loved him.

He was so solid and dependable. Then to get his story and discover he's always incredibly sweet just made me love him even more. But then Meghan had to go and throw in an overabundance of muscles, a "boss" cock, and some great dirty talking and I was done.

And Natalie was perfect for him. She was just as sweet and despite her ex making her doubt her self worth she was awesome. Plus she's Jason's sister so she's well versed in all the craziness. And with them all being connected we got a lot of the couples I have really enjoyed. 

Now there was a bit of a twist in this story and I really wasn't happy with Cory for quite some time. But at the same time my heart broke for him and I completely understood why he was a huge dick. Luckily for me he pulled his head out and proved why I had fallen so hard for him in the first place.

This story really took me on this awesome roller-coaster ride. First I was teetering on the edge of overwhelming chemistry and attraction. Then I was riding high on some smoking hot sexy times. Before I plummeted into a vast array of emotions. And all along the journey I was laughing and smiling and possibly shedding a tear. I really enjoyed the ride and I can't wait to see if there are any more additions to this awesome series.


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