This is the over the top, possessive alpha I have been looking for for the last few weeks. I have had such a craving for a hero like Braxton that the whole time I was reading this I did it with a weird sappy smile on my face. I knew Aurora has the ability to write those heroes and I even redownloaded Until November to reread when I couldn’t find anything that lived up to what I was craving when this one landed on my kindle. And honestly regardless of if he was a crazy OTT alphahole or not I would still be just as happy to receive this since it’s Aurora Rose Reynolds and her writing is perfection.

But it doesn’t matter because Braxton is everything crazy, insane, controlling, possessive, protective, crazy alpha I wanted and more. Honestly if I met him in person I would kick him in the boys and move house but in a book it just works for me. He was so completely all in from the first time he laid eyes on Dakota it was awesome.

Dakota was a great leading lady too. She absolutely thought he was nuts and she didn’t allow his crazy to just steamroll her life. She stood up for herself and she questioned and argued every time his brand of crazy came out to play. I really liked her. She was her own person and she knew what she wanted and she worked to get it. And even when Braxton was acting crazy and she understood the why’s she still stood up for herself and went ahead with what she wanted.

The drama in the story didn’t come from where I expected and I kind of got caught out trying to figure when the bus took that turn but I was still more than happy to continue on with the ride. Personally it felt like it came out of nowhere and was resolved way too quickly but that said I also am really happy that it wasn’t super drawn out and ridiculous. I was surprised there wasn’t more of a resolution with Dakota’s boss and her niece because that felt a little up in the air but I think that’s only because I was expecting it to be more of the story, not that it was actually unresolved. And honestly the whole book felt like it wrapped up way too quickly but again that’s probably because I was hoping for a million more pages and can never get enough.

Wow that sounded like a lot of negatives but I really loved the book. I loved the characters, the plot twist and the sweet as sugar epilogue. I just always want more words from Aurora. And even if I got them I would probably still ask when I’m getting more so meh. 


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