Codie and Ace were just so sweet and perfect together. I really can't get enough of them. 

I had all these ideas of what I was expecting as I went into this book and they were totally turned on their head. I thought Codie was going to be a little bit fragile and delicate but I was really happy to discover she was such a strong, determined heroine. She just completely took names and kicked butt. 

Ace was just perfection in a pair of wranglers. He had such a tragic backstory but he was so together and working to provide everyone he loved with a better future. And once he set his sights on Codie he claimed her and didn't look back. I absolutely loved him.

These two were perfect together and I am really excited about the fact that there's a whole series of these Valentine siblings. And even better is that the next one is Codie's best friend Desi. So I am praying we continue to get a whole heap of the sweetness of Ace and Codie.


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