I really need to learn not to be so damn stubborn. I picked up this book because I want to read the next book in the series. But within the first few pages I pretty much knew it wasn't for me. However I like Sierra Hill's Courting Love series and I want to read the next book in this series and I really hate not finishing a book once I start it. So really the issue is I'm a stubborn idiot who wasted her day.

This was one of those times I just didn't connect with either character. And I never really felt any romance between them either. I just felt like he was a cold, selfish jerk and she was convenient and attracted to him. Whenever things didn't work out he shut down, used her then ran away. And when he made stupid selfish decisions and they didn't work he came crawling back.

Brooklyn I just didn't really care about at all. She was all "I'm a strong independent woman" but she just kept putting up with his crap. His apologies were seriously lacking and he was genuinely shocked every time she reacted rationally to his cold shoulder. 

Rant ahead with spoilers

I thought he was still in love with the dead ex wife until he explains that they were not working out and that she died upset because he wasn't really in love with her. She was just convenient and did what he wanted. 

He has a bad day when a different ex pops up. He comes home, has sex with Brooklyn then asks her to sleep in her own room. He then is late to take his child to school, when Brooklyn goes to see if he's ready she overheard him on the phone talking about moving and having to give her up. She is naturally upset, takes his son to school and gets on with her day. He then gets home from work late after sending a text message of thanks all day. Then he is dumbfounded she is going to move home to let him deal. He then takes off for a week to set up a new life in a new state and when he returns he is stunned she doesn't want to drop her entire life and follow him. 

Seriously? Where was the actual romance? Maybe when he was spouting off about his dead wife being the best woman and mother EVER who couldn't be replaced?

But surprisingly it was hard for him when he moved without her, on a whim, so he moves back and all's right in the world and they're back together and skipping off into the sunset.

Oh and the drama with the ex just magically went away. But it's all good now because he is letting the dead ex wife go to make room in his heart for Brooke.

I just can't with these idiots. Sorry. 


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