Oh my god this book. This book was such a ride. I literally felt like I needed to just hold on tight and go with it. Because even though I saw all of the twists and turns coming they were so well executed that I still felt my stomach flutter on each one.

Lila was unique as hell. I mean seriously there isn't anyone like her. And her background story was sad but it made her so understanding and patient she was awesome. And I loved her friends and family. They took quirky to a whole new level.

And Tripp was definitely something too. Because man was that guy nuts. His germaphobe ways, while understandable, were so over the top I would go insane in his presence. But he loved his kids and family and he was such a great dad I completely sympathize with where his fears came from. His kids were awesome and the fact that they perfectly portrayed their ages was a cherry on the cake.

As always it was great to catch up with the bros and their families. I can't wait to see who's up next and I'm going now to pre order the spinoff so I can get more Tripp, Lila and the kids.


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