I have been dying to get my hand on Frankie and Zeke’s book since I read One Eighty and fell in love with Dalton and Piper. The little teasers we got from the phone conversations between Piper and Frankie over the holidays had me coming up with all sorts of wild guesses as to what their story was going to be. 

I am not a massive bully romance fan but I do enjoy my new adult / young adult romance and I have to say that Marie James did it all to perfection. She made me hate these guys yet still love them so much. I completely sympathised with everything Zeke was going through. Now don’t get me wrong he was a colossal dick and some of his choices were beyond stupid, especially in the second half of the story. And although my heart broke for all that he was going through I still wanted him to get a good smack in the mouth and a come to Jesus moment.

Frankie was so mature and I loved that she was prepared to listen and give him the opportunity he didn’t deserve to prove his sincerity in making up for all his mistakes. She was so alone it made my heart hurt for her. I just wanted to see her parents to wake up and realise they weren't present in their daughters life. But luckily she had Piper to shower her with the love and affection she deserved and Dalton to look out for them both.

I really was hoping to get more of Dalton and Piper and I was glad that they were present in the second half of this book. But I really would have loved to see Dalton get his memory back. That said they were still as great together as they were in their own book so I was very happy to get what I did of them and I loved that Dalton and Zeke became such good friends. I would have loved to get more of the new foreman in Utah because he was just such a great secondary character. But oh well I guess I’ll just wait for Drea’s book because damn that is already shaping up to be unputdownable. And hopefully it follows in the footsteps of this one and we get more Piper and Dalton and Zeke and Frankie.


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