So these Valentine Boys are freaking awesome. I really liked Ace and Codie in Herd that but I think Desi and Callum beat them out in Crazy Heifer. Or maybe it’s just that there was a little more going on with Desi’s acehole ex and all the boys wanted in on the action so we saw a whole lot more of the brothers. And oh man the brothers. And the nephews, can I just say, are shaping up to be just as solid men as their father and uncles.

So Desi we already kind of knew from Herd That, being as she was Codie’s bestie and obviously we knew Callum since he’s Ace’s brother. But with them being the focus of this book I just loved them so much. Desi was such a sweetheart. And her ex was such a jerk I really wanted him to get hit by a falling piano. And his new fiance needed to be gently slapped in the face with a brick. But Desi took the high road and acted like the adult which is something I respect especially since I haven’t even got the directions to that road yet.

Callum was just beautiful. I loved that he was instantly attracted to Desi and her curves and that she was exactly his type and he wasn’t shy in showing her. But I especially loved that regardless of that he was determined to prevent her from being bullied by her ex and his fiance. And he went in hard and used it not just to defend Desi from Mal but also to spend time with her and claim her. He was exactly what she needed and he treated her like she walked on water and I just adored them as a couple.

I loved the background characters and like I said we got a lot of the brothers in this one so I am excited to keep getting more of their stories. And we got to know a little about Candy so I am doubly excited for her and Banks to explode in a big cloud of angry hate sex chemistry. But I am also praying that Darby gets himself a hottie jeweller sales person because she seriously felt like she could give that boy a run for his money. I was devastated at the loss of Molloy, he brought so much to this story and I would have loved to have him all through the series. But knowing there’s still so much goodness to come I can’t wait. 


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