Second chance romance is one of those genres that I really need to be in the mood for. And I find it so hit and miss. The thing is there is always a reason why the couple separated in the first place and depending on so many factors mostly my own private judgyness I tend to get hung up on that. But I recentlyish read the Something So series by Natasha Madison and I loved her heros and when I read the blurb for Southern Chance I was dying to get my hands on it. 

I went into it with a few preconceived notions that were proved right and wrong pretty quickly and I can actually say that this is one time that both sides were wrong. Yeah one side more than the other but both people made simple mistakes that I completely understood. And yeah lets be honest they were stupid and an honest conversation would have made all the difference but since I am one of the first people to lose my mind when I think something massive has happened I really just felt their sense of loss over their perfect relationship.

The whole story was just so well written, I was hooked into both Kallie and Jacob from the beginning and I loved that we got both sides of the story from them so even when I wanted to slap one of them I knew that the reason they did it was genuine and human and it just made me hurt for them even more. I loved that as soon as Jacob realised that Kallie was in trouble his inner caveman came roaring out and he was all things perfect for her. 

Now that’s not to say that there wasn’t anyone that was very clearly on the wrong side of this story, because in my mind there were two of them and I really wanted to slap them so hard. One for making selfish demands and not caring about the fall out on the people around her and the other for just being a bitch and placing blame and pointing fingers. One kind of did it for the right reasons and she didn’t really do it maliciously just selfishly and the other just needed to keep her mouth shut. And I know that’s kind of cryptic and bullshit of me but when you read it you can message me and we can discuss how they made us feel stabby.

Anywho back to the story. Yes it was Natasha Madison perfect. Yes both Kallie and Jacob were amazing. Yes the secondary characters were brilliant and we are getting three more books that I am dying to get my grabby hands on YESTERDAY. I am absolutely annoyed that I have to wait for the next book to see whats happening with Olivia and Casey but judging by Casey’s caveman antics I think it will be well worth the wait.


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