This is my first read of Layla Frost’s and I will be honest I picked it up because it kept popping up in my recommendations when I couldn’t decide what the hell to read. All I knew was I wanted a bad ass possessive, alpha and this apparently met at all the crossroads. And since reading it I went to check some reviews and man do they sum it up perfectly. But because some of them were negative and some were positive and things they hated I didn’t mind and vice versa I am going to try explain my feels here.

This is very Kristen Ashley ish. Even the long winded descriptions of things I just couldn’t give a flying umm well yeah about, her makeup was flawless would do me rather than 2 pages on how her smokey eyes were shaded. I also don't care about the decor. So parts of this book just felt like too many words to get to the good stuff. There was a lot of “babe” as a word for everything, negative or positive but since I use a certain four letter word in a similar context I don’t really mind that.

Everyone and I mean everyone, man, woman, poodle seemed to be madly in love with the cupcake scented goddess. This was a little monotonous. We get it she’s amazing couldn’t just two or three people think she’s perfect rather than everyone and their random relatives? As a character I liked her, obviously I wouldn’t let my husband get close enough to sniff her but I thought she was nice and I liked her self confidence and ability to maturely deal with the cattiness around her.

Jake was exactly what I read the book looking for. He was growling, possessive, protective, sweet, loving alpha extraordinaire. I liked him and his band of mechanic friends. We could have stopped at them and the book would have been great. I didn’t need the random club owner, the rockstar besties and the other people that he was close to to prove his coolness. Especially since they all fell in love with Piper.

The drama was good. I honestly had no clue that was who the stalker was and I did spend the whole book trying to figure it out and I liked the way it played out. So although I can completely see why it was a miss for a few of my GR friends it was exactly what I was looking for except maybe a little longer than I was after. Although if you took out too many of those overly descriptive sentences we may have had a massive steaming hot sexy times to actual story imbalance. Not that I would be complaining because damn was Jake hot. Can’t wait to pick up the series and hopefully see Kase get a good run for his money. 


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