I went into this book reluctantly. I had to read it to finish the series I have just binged but I was sure it was going to wreck me. Dante's story is one that has been woven through everyone's book because his tragedy touched them all. Along with his complete departure from his family to deal with his grief adding to their loss. And I was expecting to be dragged into that grief and reliving his loss with him.

So I was really happy that although we did see Dante struggling with his losses we didn't get his story until his beautiful baby Mary had started to bring him back to life. And I am really grateful that while we did get a lot of acknowledgment of how huge his loss was it wasn't anywhere near the focus of the story.

And although there was a lot of action and drama this book was about second chances and living life without regrets. Codie was a character I immediately liked. She was such a survivor. I loved that she had so much respect for Dante's journey. She didn't take it personally when he freaked out she just quietly left him to deal how he needed to and quietly tried to make it easier for him. And it just made me love her more.

The book was a great end to the series. Although I am going to have to hunt down Rafe's book as soon as I have the time to binge the next series.


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