After putting down Hail No I went straight to GoodReads to see what the reviews said for the next book in the series. I honestly was worried. On one hand I was dying to read it but on the other the reviews were a little everywhere.  There was a lot of Travis bashing and I was scared I was going to hate him.

And I kind of did but then I also kind of understood where he was coming from. His ex was a manipulative bitch who had a lot of power in their small town. But he seriously needed to man up and not let her actions dictate the happiness of everyone he loved.

Hannah was understanding and I appreciated that she was doing what she felt was best for everyone around her. She knew what was going on and didn't try to make it about her. I liked that when she was upset she let him know but I probably would have respected her more if she packed her things and left when he was being a jerk.

That said I can't wait to jump into the next one.


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