I love Sawyer Bennett's hockey series but I have no patience so when I had to wait for the next book in the series I kind of put them down and forgot to go back to them. But I know when I do I'll binge my way through the whole series. So when I saw this 1001 dark nights novella i just had to read it and have the best of both worlds.

And I have really strong mixed feelings about the story. I have a love hate relationship with second chance. If someone was at fault for the breakup I need a really solid reason for that and a lot of groveling. And in this one I got neither. But then I felt so much sympathy for Rafe I couldn't hate him. Ok so I didn't like him for a page or two, but then damn him, my sympathy kicked in.

Calliope was a lot more forgiving than I could have been. I wanted to scream at her to run away but I also felt so much sympathy for her. She was also losing a loved one and on top of that she was confronting her past.

So while I felt Rafe needed a swift kick in the boys and a so long sucker wave, I can understand why Calliope went the other way. Overall the story really flowed. It was a quick and easy book to read. And I felt a load of emotions and cried a little. So I guess it's a 3.5 for now.


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