So my new years plan to clean up the 1000+ books on my kindle that I have yet to read is off to a great start. Well kind of. If you don't count the fact that I've read 6 books and added the four next books in each of their series to my kindle :/ ok so maybe it's not worked out quite how I planned but I have read some great books.

Lani Lynne Vale has been on my radar for years but I always put it off. Initially because she has a load of MC books and I tend to avoid those for being a little hit or miss for me. But for some reason this one registered with me and I one clicked it, then didn't read it.

And now I am hooked. There's something about a big, muscled, bike riding alpha who's been misunderstood by everyone that works. And Evander was just such a great hero. I loved him from the minute his first question was where are my horses and dog. Because there is seriously nothing hotter than a man who loves his dog.

Kennedy was as completely perfect as Evander. She was so sweet and soft and caring about everyone around her but she wasn't a doormat. She stood up for herself but she did it without disregarding anyone else's feelings or needs and without being an idiot.

The two of them together was hot and I was surprised by the full range of emotions I went through. And the introduction to Hannah and Travis has me hoping Hannah kicks him to the curb and shacks up with Rafe ;)


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