Dakota Issacs
(Love in the Apple, #3)
Publication date: March 2nd 2020
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

There are bad haircuts, and then there’s the bright orange mullet that sits atop Audra Harrison’s head:

Outright Disaster

A chastity belt you can wear on your head.

All Audra wants is for the Salon Apprentice to try and fix it. When she refuses Audra has no choice but to write a review warning other New Yorkers away from this over hyped salon.
When the salon manages to pull down the review, Audra declares war.
It becomes her mission to post pictures of her bad hair on every photo share app she can find.
Then her enemy comes for her. Hamish Stuart: the hair whisperer himself. Over six feet of beautifully muscled Scotsman that’s used to having supermodels and A list Actresses fall at his feet.
Now that he’s met her he wants more than apologies. He wants her heart.

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“I thought you deserved a little reward.  You’ve had a rough couple of days.  While you were sitting in my chair, I thought of some stress relief strategies we might try.  This is what’s going to happen. You’re going to put your hands on the glass and steady yourself.  Then you’re going to spread your legs and try to keep quiet.  It’s one-way glass but the room isn’t soundproofed.”
“What are you….?”  Her voice is a strangled whisper.  She barely manages to push the words out.
“Simple. I’m gonna see how many times I can make you come in a half an hour lass.  If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can always go sit back down in that chair.  Otherwise spread your legs, put your hands on that glass, and try to stay quiet.”
“Is this some game you play with every woman who comes up to this room?”
I step in front of her so she can see my eyes.
“Never played this game with anyone but you lass. I don’t mix business, and pleasure. I’ve worked too hard to build all of this.  I’m calling in the girlfriend exemption to my rule.”
“Girlfriend? I think you may be out of your mind.”
“Times a wasting.”
She shakes her head like she’s trying to clear it but then she turns around and puts her hands on the glass.
“Well done.” I stand behind her and slide both my hands under the robe till I reach her luscious ass. I give both cheeks a good squeeze and then start to massage it. I move my hands firmly up her ribcage, whispering compliments as I go.
How luscious her ass is, how perfect.  How she’s so tiny yet curved in all the right places.  How later when I can get her naked and take my time, my mouth will learn every inch of her skin.
While I’m talking, I’m running my hands over her body.  She makes a sweet cry.  I slide my hands under her shirt, and free her tits from the bra.  They fit perfectly in my hands.  I run my thumbs over her nipples. I lean down and sink my teeth into her neck.  Give her a little love bite to increase the pleasure.
“Oh God, Oh God….”
“No, no, not God lass, Hamish and you’ve got to be quiet.  Remember?  I’ve barely touched you.  What’s going to happen when I touch that beautiful cunt of yours, and stroke your clit? We’ve barely started.” This makes her cry out in earnest. My girl is responsive all right.  The slightest touch makes her quiver.
I can’t wait any longer.  I untie her robe, then I grip her yoga pants in each hand and firmly pull them down.  She moans and I pull her panties down as well.
“Imagine if anyone knew what we were up to.  You’re such a dirty girl, Audra.  That lovely pussy on display.  They have no idea you’re standing there watching them as you get finger fucked.”

He’s crazy.  Girlfriend.  He’s known me what maybe four hours?  Hell, if he’s crazy than what am I?  Pressed up against the glass half naked, getting more pleasure from this stranger’s hands than I’ve ever gotten in my life.  It’s so wrong watching those people downstairs go about their day while they have no idea what we’re doing.  I know it’s wrong, yet this is the most intense experience I’ve had in my life.
“Oh my God,” his hand has slid down my leg and now he’s cupping my pussy.
“Shh… you’re dripping lass, completely soaked for me.”
I am and his dirty words only make me wetter.  No one has ever talked to me like this and I love it.
One of his hands is kneading my ass and the other is doing the most wonderful things to my clit.  I can barely catch my breath.  I don’t just feel him on my clit.  I feel him everywhere.  Every particle of my body is aching and alive.
His hand leaves my ass and moves up to my pussy.  He slips one of his big fingers inside of me and starts a slow assault, all the time rubbing my clit with the same steady circles.  It’s too much.  I come so hard my knee’s buckle.  His strong arm catches me around the waist holding me up.
“Steady.  Your time’s not up yet.”
He keeps an arm around my waist while his other hand wanders lower.  This time I come so hard I see stars.  He doesn’t relent.  His fingers work me through the orgasm and push me higher and higher till I come screaming with Hamish’s hand planted firmly over my mouth.
“I can see right now we are going to have to work on your stamina, lass.”

Author Bio

I’m Dakota Issacs. I live in Manhattan with my husband where I drink too much coffee and read too many books. I love all sorts of romance from Historical to Contemporary. I write Contemporary Romances that are sweet with heat. You’ll always find a happy ending with no cliffhangers. If you want to talk books drop me a note at dakotaissacs@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

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