Louis and Calloway were perfect together. I really wasn't sure what to expect from their story as we had gotten a few bits and pieces of them previously. So I knew that they had history but I wasn't sure what had happened to break them up.

And I really loved that it was pretty much just life and Louis trying to do the right thing. And even though it was misguided and he was an idiot he realised it immediately and there didn't seem to be any drama while they were separated. 

Calloway was a great heroine. She had an illness but it didn't make her a victim or useless it was just something she had to deal with. I also was so happy that despite the fact she was hurt by Louis breaking up with her she didn't hold a grudge or hold back from starting a relationship. 

They were a great match and I really enjoyed watching them come back together. I can't wait to read Booth's book next. Although I have a feeling that ones going to hurt a little. 


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