I have honestly had this book on my kindle since it was released. I am such a sporadic, indecisive reader. I read the first one and liked it, added the second to my TBR and waited. Then when it was released I one clicked it and just never felt it, and I can’t even tell you why not. But to give you an idea of where my heads been at, I have over 1000 books on my kindle, I have KU and I have ARC commitments, I also have a lot more time and I really mean a LOT more time to read with social distancing having my 7 kids sports in limbo right now. So I decided now was the perfect time to tackle all those books on my kindle and not buy any more books. But I just spend hours looking over my TBR list and not even knowing what I feel like reading. 

Yesterday I jumped on Goodreads and had lists for the best alpha hero, the best step brother, the best college sports, the best professional sports and the best menage romances and I looked over those for hours before deciding that none of them were working for me. So I started looking through my kindle and I can’t even tell you why I pulled this one up and started to read it. 

But I am glad this was the pick. I literally couldn’t put it down at 2am this morning because I had to know what happened with these two. Fallon was so broken but she had worked so hard to put herself back together and for the most part she was stronger. And I needed to know how she had been broken. As much as I needed to know if Madox was the one to inflict the damage or if he was as much a victim as she was.

I really can’t remember the first book at all, so this was read as a complete stand alone and it worked but I did feel like I was standing on the outside of a few inside jokes. But most of the times I wasn’t the only one. The story was kind of told with loads of cloak and dagger and to be honest I think I might have missed a few of the explanations of a few things however I think that might be more me reading with kids asking a million questions and trying to get my brain to function at 2am because I didn’t want to put the book down.

The story of Madox and Fallon was sad and I felt so bad for them both. I would have liked some of it to play out differently but I am happy with how the story went and I was so happy that Madox and Fallon got everything out in the open and got the happily ever after that they deserved. I am incredibly intrigued by Jax but I don’t know if I will ever get around to reading his book. I kind of want to do that now but then who knows where I’ll end up.


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