Reed and Krisney's story is one that I find really hard to review. I just can't judge either of them for the way they dealt with the hands they were each dealt. The tragedy that they each suffered was the same but from different sides of it and they both sucked.

Obviously I would have preferred Reed not to have cut Krisney out of his life for 12 years. And I am not going to try to justify him doing that but I can understand why he felt he needed to.

The few reviews I read bashing Krisney for being a doormat feel a little harsh. I didn't feel like she was waiting around pining for Reed. She just felt resigned to the fact that he was someone she wasn't going to get over and trying felt worse than just living with it.

But Reed was right there in not moving on. And the lengths he went to to keep her alive and well made me forgive the stubbornness that kept them apart. 

Now my feelings on it all might be that the book was being told in past and present tense and leaving out a lot of the time in between. Or it might just be that I was enjoying the story and didn't really look at what was missing because I was happy with what I had. 

Now I am off to read the last book in the series and no doubt cry like a baby.


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