So I finished Every Little Promise and I was so emotionally invested in the story of Brinley and Marston. I immediately had to dive into Every Little Piece. I needed to know what happened in Vegas and how Marston was going to get Brinley to call off her wedding. 

There was also the ten year old secret that was between them that I had so many questions about. Having this book told in present tense with chapters flashing back to their past had me feeling the depth of their connection as much as the chemistry. But having it told in dual point of view made this story perfect.

If not for the dual point of view I probably wouldn't have liked Brinley very much. Because the decisions she made all through the book and in both times would seem selfish and cold if not for knowing exactly what was propelling her to make those decisions. 

I call dibs on Marston. Every single thing he did was so transparent and was done with nothing but love for Brinley. And even when she made choices and decisions that broke his heart he still went above and beyond to do the right thing for Brinley. He was just beautiful and I couldn't get enough of him.

I would have loved to get more of them together once all of their issues were resolved. Especially with their friends and family all on the same page. But knowing that we are getting Stella's story next hopefully we will get a whole lot more of all these guys. I loved the story and couldn't put it down from the first page. Which is what I knew to expect from a Lexi Ryan book.


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