I am kind of at a loss as to what I am feeling about this book. Which is really weird. I know my head is still at this very distracted place that is making it very hard for me to get lost in reading any book, but obviously I signed up to review these books because I was very excited to read them. So when they land on my kindle I get that little flutter but then I have to physically force myself to sit down and read. And a book I would normally inhale in a day is taking me two or three days to get through and it’s driving me nuts.

So while I read this and liked it, I was super distracted and part of that, i’ll be honest is that golf bores me to tears. But the majority of it is simply me. And sadly the distraction made me feel like I wasn’t hugely connected to the characters and the storyline. But I love Rebecca Jenshak’s Smart Jocks Series so much. And I really loved getting little nods to them in this book.

Lincoln wasn’t a character I loved. He was kind of a meh hero for me. I understand where he was coming from in holding back on a relationship with Keira but it annoyed me a little and if he were a heroine I would be screaming at him through my kindle. But I think since he was a man and he felt his justifications so deeply I kind of forgave him a little bit but I really wanted him to man up a lot sooner.

Keira was great. I loved her drive and dedication, she made me feel like a real slacker as I ate chips and drank wine and read about her busting her arse to improve her sport. And man did she work for everything she wanted. And I was right there cheering for her at all of her victories. I really wanted her coach to get hit by a bus but never mind maybe that can be in the next book ;)

I enjoyed the writing style and I love college, sports romances. It was nice to have a slight age gap, it added a bit of reality into the book and I really did feel like both characters were genuine people I could meet on the street, well maybe not me since I’ll be at home reading and don’t talk to strangers but you get my drift. I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go.


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