I have to admit I went into this book without a lot of love for Dylan. I kind of wanted Rian to realise she deserved more and for Jax to be awesome and sweep her off her feet. But luckily for me Piper Rayne knew what these two needed better than I did and that didn’t happen. 

Even luckier for me was the fact that we got Dylan’s story and I fell madly in love with him. The arrival of Jax and their history made Dylan open his eyes and pull his head out of certain places. And I am so glad that he did because he was the perfect boyfriend for Rian. I understood his insecurities and I loved that he figured out he was the perfect person for Rian and he fought for it. 

And my perception of Rian was way off as well. I had her pinned as this meek, mild mannered, doormat who was just going to accept whatever scraps of attention Dylan was prepared to cast her way, while watching him screw every warm body that passed his door. So I was super excited to see her grow a back bone and realise that she deserved someone who wanted her. And Jax was the perfect catalyst for her as well. 

I have developed a massive crush on Jax from this book as well. And being a foster mum and knowing how badly the system knocks these kids about my heart broke for the tiny bit of information we got about his past. I seriously think him and Frankie are going to be a great match up. But I am already preparing myself for the angst, cause I think it’s going to take him a bit to realise his worth. Not that I am disappointed to get Evan and Seth’s book next, I already think Evan is awesome.


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