I am so glad to get Bess's book. I have loved this whole series, well to be honest I don't think Sarina Bowen could write something I didn't love. But this one I found to be particularly emotional. 

And I am so scared to give away any spoilers that I don't know what to say. I want to gush about it's awesomeness and how it gave me all the feels. But there was so much to this story, while at the same time it was all so everyday for so many people. You know other than being super sexy, rich, hockey superstars and super amazing agent to said hockey gods and baby sister to another. 

Bess was such a beautiful soul. I have loved her since she made her appearance in Dave's book. She was so together and sweet and hardworking and driven. I loved her. And Tank was so strong even though his whole world was on it's head and on fire he just kept swimming. 

But this story was gah. I just kept waiting for the knife to drop and when it did I wasn't expecting that. And honestly maybe that's because what Tank went through is nothing that has affected me so my brain just didn't go there. But Sarina wrote it so well that I was gutted for both Tank and Bess. 

Don't despair thought because these two weren't going to let anything get in the way of the massive amount of chemistry, love and pure happiness that they had found. And I really couldn't put it down from start to finish I was wrapped up in these characters. Plus all the Brooklyn Bruisers that we already know and love were there and we got a few babies added to the family. As always the worst part was getting to the end and having to adjust to the reality that we have to wait for the next one.


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