Well I barely read the blurb for this one and I didn't care about the reviews I just jumped straight in and didn't put it down. Tate and Hennessy are absolutely my favourite couple so far.

I was excited to get to know Tate from the second he was mentioned in the first book. And throwing in the preacher's daughter who he had crushed on since they were kids made it even better. Everything about Tate was heartbreaking and perfect.

He was so determined to protect Hennessy from his reputation yet he couldn't stay away. And I loved the way he was so furious about everything Hennessy had gone through but he promised he wouldn't do anything so he put all of that upset into making sure she was safe and loved.

Hennessy was no slouch in the heroine department. She was afraid and scarred emotionally and physically but she wasn't a victim. She knew what she wanted and I liked that she didn't want it at any cost. When she didn't feel like she was going to get what she needed she was prepared to walk away. And I loved Tate even more for the fact he didn't play games he just laid it all out to her.

Absolutely adore a strong heroine and a protective alpha hero. This series just continues to get better. 


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