Pippa Grant is such a feel good author. I read all of her Bro Code novels and loved them all but I loved the characters even more. They were so great, I loved their crazy, quirky, individuality as much as I loved the fact they were all so close and supportive. And when I saw the sign up for this book I thought it was going to be Cooper Rock and a continuation of all the Bro Code craziness and well it was but it wasn’t.

Mackenzie was such a nut job. But she was a lovable, normal kind of nutjob. She is the person most of us are only comfortable being around our closest friends. Which is completely understandable when she grew up with a family that was pretty far from conventional. And they were awesome, in fact I was really hoping to get a whole heap more of them in this book. Hopefully this series is going to continue and we will get more of them.

I was so glad to see we got to see a lot more of the bro code couples and their friends and family that we have met along the journey. I really love the secondary characters in these books but damn the story lines are so funny and so far out there but by the same thing you can see how the characters end up in the messes they get into.

Brooks was beautiful and although I knew of him mainly from his sister and her crazy phone antics I was glad to get to know him. I felt so sorry for everything he had lost and I couldn’t blame him for his initial bitterness but I am glad that he got over it quickly and fell for all of Mackenzie's charms. He was an awesome character and has made me want to go back and read all the previous Pippa Grant books so I can get to know his family better and maybe get a little more of him.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series and even though I would love to get Cooper Rock’s story I really don’t care who I get because I know going in that I am going to enjoy the journey no matter the destination with Pippa Grant leading the way.


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