Since I started this series I have hated Savannah. But I have also been dying to get my hands on this book. I was really hoping that there was a good reason for why she was so selfish and how she justified all of the horrible things that happened because of the choices she made. To a point I can justify her making those choices, she was young and scared and was given an easy out by one of her closest friends who she trusted. But when she saw all the fallout that happened to him, all the things he lost she almost just shrugged her shoulders and let it slide off. But I was sure when we got her side of the story there would be some ground shaking reason why. 

So reading this book I was so conflicted. Beau was such an amazing character. He loved with his whole heart and he forgave his best friends for their betrayals and secrets and he still loved Savannah. And when all the secrets came out and he was justifiably hurt and upset he was still more concerned about Savannah and her feelings. And when Jacob also completely took her back I wanted to scream at them. Seriously how much damage can one person do to everyone she loves and just not care.

And while I absolutely hated her selfishness and lets be honest she was a complete arsehole of a character. I did find myself feeling sorry for her. She had such horrible role models and she was pretty much alone and pregnant and everyone who should have helped and supported her were such deplorable human beings but she perpetuated it. She just threw everyone who loved her out of the boat so she wouldn’t drown and I couldn’t get over that. 

But Beau was everything you could want in a husband. However even he was stupid. He loved her so blindly and even when she admitted her feelings he still hid from it and let it all continue as it had with both of them being oblivious to how they felt and that just aggravated me too. 

Now this all sounds like one huge big negative rant but here's the thing. I hated Savannah, Beau annoyed me but the story was great. There was so much going on I couldn’t put the book down. And even while I hated Savannah, this was written well enough that I felt sorry for her. And even when I was ranting at my husband about what a bitch I thought she was I still needed to know what was going to happen and how things were going to play out with a few of the plot threads. I really enjoyed reading the book and it added to the series even if she didn’t do anything to redeem herself she was just human. And who am I to judge her choices, when I have never had to make them. 

I can’t wait to read Ethan’s story. I honestly kind of feel like it’s going to be a bit of a train wreck with the amount of people who are now not just in on the secret but are so wrapped up in it. And I am dying to read it. 


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