This is the first new adult book I've read in a while that was set in high school.  I've been reading a lot of college romance recently and this one being set in high school really through me. I feel so old, I have kids this age. 

That said Ginger's writing made me get over that pretty quickly and just focus on the feeling of new love. Because really it doesn't matter your age when everything is new the feelings are pretty similar. There's the nerves and the second guessing of what the other person is feeling and thinking. 

For June that was even more intense since she had loved Lucas her entire life. He had been her best friend until her world fell apart and she lost him but didn't know why. She had so many unresolved questions only he could answer and he was being such a massive dick. There were a lot of times i didn't understand how she still cared so much about him when he went out of his way to avoid her.

Since this was only told in June's point of view I really struggled with where Lucas was coming from. And I have to be honest I'm not entirely sure what the major catalyst for him to change his behaviour towards June was. One minute he was avoiding her and acting as though she had peed in his cheerios and the next he was this awesome boyfriend. 

But then the big reveal happened and it made more sense. It still made me want to smack him in the head but I had to remember his age and I understood his thought process a little better. Although I personally wanted a lot more from the ending. Idk maybe like another books worth of Lucas being a doting, adoring boyfriend where they live happily ever after. I'm hoping that the next book will have a little more of June and Lucas. Either way I loved Tory and Abby as secondary characters and I'm dying to get their story.


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